Jewels & Diamonds™ Biography


Jewels and Diamonds™ is an independent fine jewelry store established more than three decades ago. Jewels & Diamonds™ maintains a modern fully functional gemological laboratory and has a vast reference library with thousands of specimens. Many of Dr. Gem’s® specimens, meteorites, fossils, minerals, geo’s, and collectibles are displayed in the store.


Jewels and Diamonds™ is licensed in Citrus County, Florida as a WHOLESALER (Trade); RETAILER; INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL APPRAISER; REPAIR FACILITY, and is rated with the Jewelers Board of Trade. Jewels & Diamonds™ has maintained a listing as a diamond and precious gemstone wholesaler in the Jewelers Circular Keystone for more than twenty (20) years.



Jewels and Diamonds™ has its own QR code for quick access directly to our website. Currently Jewels and Diamonds™ maintains a large web site with articles, pictures, and a complete catalog. Jewels & Diamonds™ is currently located at 8275 West Bradshaw Street, Homosassa, FL 34448 with a showroom of 2800 sq. ft.

Ethical Policy Statement

Jewels and Diamonds™ adheres to all federal and state laws including all Federal Trade Commission guidelines and Bureau of Standard Definitions, as they apply to the jewelry industry.

Jewels and Diamonds™ holds itself to the highest ethical standard and does not intentionally misrepresent any of its products.


Jewels and Diamonds™ does not intentionally misrepresent country of origin, authenticity or engage in deceptive business practices.

Jewels and Diamonds™ adheres to all of its services policies, guarantees, and promotional representations.


Jewels and Diamonds™ gemological services are provided by Gem Trade Laboratory (GTL) and appraisal services are provided by Jewelry Appraisers of America (JAA). GTL and JAA are both independent and accredited and adhere to the highest ethical standard.

Pricing Statement

Jewels and Diamonds™ does not engage in deceptive advertising pricing practices.

Jewels and Diamonds™ inventory is tagged, clearly priced, and the tag represents the genuine selling price.

Jewels and Diamonds™ pricing does not arbitrarily go up or down depending upon holiday sales promotions.

Jewels and Diamonds™ sales promotions are not generic, every promotional dollar given to the consumer is subtracted from the bottom line.

Jewels and Diamonds™ occasionally sells inventory at a dead loss, to maintain cash flow, liquidate product line, and downsize inventory.

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