Brahin Stony-Iron, Pallasite Meteorite fell in Minsk, Gomel Province, U.S.S.R. and was discovered during the year 1810. there has been considerable confusion over the number of massive fragments discovered and the yielded weight. Today, scientists believe that eleven masses found their way to our planet and 823kg were recovered. Pallasite meteorites consist of iron, nickel, stone, and olivine. analysis of metal, 8.38% Ni, L.L. Ivanov (1911). A real analysis gave olivine 37.18% by weight, P.N. Chervinsky (1929) (Catalogue of Meteorites). The meteorite is classified as Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL) and is listed in Catalogue of Meteorites, fifth edition (2000), pages 113 & 114.

Pricing for any of the herein-listed meteorites depends upon many value factors. Some meteorite fragments can be purchased for about $50.00 and up, with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Dr. Gem®.

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