The most popular gemstone in the world today is colorless and near colorless diamonds. Natural colored diamonds also known as “Fancies” can be found in all hues and saturations. Black, brown, and yellow diamonds are the most common fancy colors while green, blue, purple, orange, pink, and red are the most highly prized specimens on earth. Another rare fancy is a color change variety known as a “Chameleon” diamond.

Natural colored diamonds are valued by the comparable “Four C’s” with the extreme emphasis on rarity and purity of the color. Many colored diamonds have eye visible inclusions and only a colored diamond expert can value these rising in popularity stars.

Pink and red diamonds have experienced spectacular price increases and there appears to be no end to this trend in sight.


Jewels and Diamonds™ purchased one of the largest colored diamond collections from a diamond miner’s estate, long before the general public knew that diamonds came in colors. Dr. Gem® has created many hand-crafted jewelry items in the 25 carat and up range.

Jewels and Diamonds™ stocks approximately three million dollars in loose fancy diamonds, all laser inscribed, sealed and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) in tamper proof packets.

Color can be induced in diamonds through a number of processes. Any diamond that owes its color or clarity to a man-made process must be disclosed and labeled as “enhanced”. Most of the blue diamonds marketed today are color enhanced. The color is stable, permanent, and very attractive.

Jewels and Diamonds™ has a large collection of enhanced blue diamonds and markets them at a reasonable price.



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