Diamond Enhancement Note

Occasionally, some diamonds are lasers drilled to improve appearance. Several diamond distributors fill laser holes, cavities, or fractures wit various fillers. Stability is very good. However, extreme heat may have adverse effect on appearance. Occasionally, diamonds area irradiated to produce various colors. This enhancement is stable and permanent.

Occasionally, Jewels & Diamonds ™ some diamonds with this type of enhancement. However, all diamonds featured in the web site are not enhanced in any way.

Jewels & Diamonds™ stocks hundreds of diamonds. However, no one in the country could, in fact, stock every size, shape, color, and quality of diamonds. Some of our diamonds are G.I.A. certified, and some are certified by E.Gi.I. Certified diamonds essentially means that an independent gemological laboratory has evaluated each of the four C’s of quality.

The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) is recognized as the most prestigious gemological institute in the world. G.I.A.’s subsidiary, Gem Trade Laboratory (G.T.L), grades diamonds for the trade. Only the reports of G.I.A.’s Gem Trade Laboratory certifications have earned world recognition. They are was educated by Gemological Institute of America and has earned their most prestigious title of Graduate Gemologist.

European Gemological Laboratory (E.G.I) certifies diamonds for the trade and is also considered very good. There are now many other organizations certifying diamonds, but most lack the recognition by the public.

Jewels & Diamonds™ sells certified diamonds around the globe at very competitive prices. Consumers are generally confused about pricing verses quality factors. However, most consumers certainly know their budget. If you’re seriously considering purchasing a diamond, let Dr. Gem® search his worldwide sources and find the diamond you have been dreaming about. The best part of the day is when Dr. Gem® makes a client smile.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a $500.0 or $500,000.00 diamond, Dr. Gem® will greet you with a friendly smile and give you a genuine deal. Call today for an appointment and not a disappointment. Two decades of repeat customers have been our stock in trade, and that is …. “the rest of the story”.

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