Dr. Gem® Biography

A master among those rare individuals gifted enough to share their perceptions of consumer advocacy, Joseph H. Dawson, Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A., writes a creative periodical entitled “Dr. Gem’s Prescriptions®”. Born in Jersey City and raised in Secaucus, N.J., Joseph Dawson’s talents surfaced early by winning numerous science fairs. On his seventeenth birthday, Joseph Dawson enlisted in the United State Army and served as a Paratrooper/Engineer for four years. The Vietnam Era Veteran received seven decorations for meritorious service and a personal commendation from General Westmoreland. Today, Joseph is a lifetime member of the 82nd Airborne Division Association and a member of the American Legion.

Joseph Dawson’s ambition led him to a diverse and colorful background. During the late seventies, Joseph H. Dawson’s most prestigious position was when he served as Director/Administrator C.E.T.A. for the South Pacific (Micronesia) under President Carter’s Administration. Amongst his various executive positions, Joseph worked as an Assistant Hudson Country C.E.T.A. Director (Title 6 & 7), and was one of the original directors of “Scared Straight” (juvenile diversion, N.J.). Joseph Dawson served as a Secaucus special police officer and a licensed insurance agent.

Joseph Dawson’s entrepreneurial exploits include owning three nightclubs and establishing a successful fine jewelry business. The jewelry challenged Joseph’s creative talents and unlocked the contemporary artist within him. Joseph’s unique appreciation of nature and gemology has allowed him to create fine jewelry items as object d’art. Joseph’s creative expressions later developed into the written word about the world of gemology and fine jewelry. Today “Dr. Gem®”, as he is commonly referred to, devotes many painstaking hours to uncovering consumer rip-offs, usually overlooked by other professionals in the trade.

“Dr. Gem®” won the trust and loyalty of thousands of consumers nationally when he appeared on ABC news network a decade ago exposing a diamond fracture filling process used to defraud the public. “Dr. Gem®” cutting-edge commitment to No-Holds Barred journalism earned him a feature in “Home & Leisure” magazine. “Dr. Gem’s®” vast experience and timeless wisdom was shared with the multitudes when he co-hosted a popular radio talk show whereby consumer questions were answered on live mike. Through decades of devotion to his trade, “Dr. Gem®” has earned the respect of his peers and the community. Additionally, Joseph H. Dawson is listed in the Nationwide Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Business 2001-2002 Edition.

Joseph H. Dawson is the legal owner and principal registrant of “Dr. Gem®”, “Dr. Gem’s Prescriptions®” and Jewels & Diamonds™. Each name and service mark has been examined and determined to be in compliance with the requirements of the law. The United States Patent and Trademark office issued Joseph H. Dawson six certificates of registered trademarks.

Joseph Dawson is actively engaged in philanthropic charities involving children and veterans. Mr. Dawson is the author of Jessica’s Petition and the registered trademark principal owner of Jessica’s Law Reg. No. 3,514,134 and Child Protection Coalition Reg. No. 3,514,131.

One of Joseph’s biggest joys is tooling down the highway in his red convertible Ferrari F430 F-1 Spider sporting his “Dr. Gem®” license plate. Mr. Dawson is the Ambassador for the Ferrari Owners Club (Florida Region). Joseph H. Dawson Sr., A.K.A. “Dr. Gem®”, is an independent appraiser and maintains his objective point of view by not affiliating himself with any appraising society or association. Thus, “Dr. Gem®” still remains strictly autonomous and is a tough consumer advocate.

If you would like to contact  “Dr. Gem®” directly, please send an e-mail to drgem007@yahoo.com.


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