Emeralds have been highly prized since the time of the Greek Empire. The richest of Emeralds are vivid green or slightly bluish-green. Emerald is a variety of the mineral species beryl and usually has eye visible inclusions (Type III gemstone). Ancient gem experts characterized these scenic inclusions as gardens, because they resembled foliage under magnification. Today, the terminology is still heard in the trade.

There are, perhaps, seventy-five color hues and saturation for emerald gemstones. However forty or so would cover most of the market.Color and transparency of gem quality emeralds significantly affect value. Most emeralds are, in fact, enhanced with colorless oils, wax, or synthetic unhardened resins to improve appearance. The use of a coloring agent greatly diminishes value and must be disclosed to the consumer. All gemstone enhancements must be disclosed to comply with the law.



Lab created emeralds are quite common in the trade, they are rather easily identified by an expert. Prices for synthetic emeralds vary greatly, and some are much harder to produce. However, even the very best synthetic is relatively inexpensive compared to the fine quality natural emerald. Some of the very finest emeralds come from the “Muzo” mine in Columbia. Many in the trade call fine quality emeralds “Muzo emerald” or “Muzo quality”. Unfortunately, unless the emerald, in fact, originates from the “Muzo” district in Columbia, the supplier is in violation of F.T.C (Federal Trade Commission) regulations, Section 23.3(a) and (b). Many find grade emeralds have come from places other than Columbia. However, “Muzo” emeralds are among the best.

Nearly every emerald is enhanced in some fashion. The caveat that Dr. Gem® follows is to assume EVERY emerald is enhanced unless accompanied by a G.T.L laboratory certification. Emerald enhancement stability ranges from fair to good. That translates to meaning avoiding sudden temperature changes, steaming, chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaning. Care should be taken to protect this ancient treasure from sharp blows and harsh treatment. With proper care, emeralds will enrich your life for decades.


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Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.

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