Jewels and Diamonds™ routinely stocks nearly every gemstone. More than 100 varieties of gemstones greet our customers. Dr. Gem® owns one the largest collections of loose gemstones in the country. Many of our gemstones are measured in pounds rather than carats.

In one small showcase, 250,000 carats of gemstones are on display. Jewels and Diamonds™ remains one of Florida’s “Best Kept Secrets”. Yet, if you wish to be enchanted, visit Dr. Gem’s® mini-museum of gemstone wonders. Make it a point to see one of the largest polished trillion tourmalated quartz gemstone in the entire country (69,966 carats). There are also huge citrine and amethyst geodes that will thrill most spectators. However, the sheer ambiance will make any day trip worthwhile.


The world of gemstones has changed dramatically over the decades and the largest retail supplier is on television. Forty years ago lapidaries wouldn’t invest three and a half hours faceting an inferior gemstone and the market rejected cheap materials. Modern technology, cheap overseas labor, and shameful child laborers produce most of the gemstones on the market today. The general public has been duped into believing collecting gemstones is an investment and will appreciate in value like stocks. This is best disingenuous and takes advantage of the general public’s ignorance in gemstone valuation.

The most challenging aspects of most graduate gemologists is trying to explain the misconceptions for consumer valuations. Dr. Gem’s® personal philosophy is that an educated consumer makes the best customer and a partially informed or misinformed consumer makes the easiest victim. The internet is great, but it won’t make a consumer an expert appraiser, nor will it defeat market demands.



Gemological education is the key to understanding gemstone values. Pricing fine gemstones is comparable to pricing sports cars. Very few people are qualified to appraise a Ferrari F430 F1 or a Lamborghini Diablo unless one has experience in both luxury sports cars.

A fact that may truly amaze some with an open mind is that some gemstones wholesale for $10,000.00 per carat. And a Ferrari value gemstone can fit in the palm of your hand. A handful of expert gemstone dealers have made fortunes. Predominately, the vast majority of people don’t follow this path.



Commercial and off-cut gemstones will never appreciate in value and cannot be liquidated easily. Consumer demand for small or unpopular gemstones remains elusive. Fine specimen gemstones in premium grades and saturations can appreciate, but an expert guidance in these purchases is recommended.

Jewels and Diamonds™ has a wide variety of premium grade to commercial grade gemstones available for sale. Dr. Gem® has emptied out his vault and dumped out hundreds of remnant parcels to make lots of gemstone mixtures available to the public. This cornucopia of gemstone packages is limited and would make great gifts.


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