Jewels and Diamonds™ carries a huge selection of fine jewelry items. Whether you’re looking for timeless classics or fashionable designer elegance, rest assured Jewels and Diamonds™ knows the sophisticated look. Elegance and style awaits you at Jewels and Diamonds™.

Since the dawn of time men and women have adorned themselves with amulets and talismans. Primitive people made jewelry from shell, bone, feathers, and rocks. Once man entered into the age of metals, the shiny yellow metal gold dominated demand.

One of the first or perhaps the best example of a woman’s jewelry item dates back to 3000 B.C. The finely-wrought gold leaf head dress belonged to a Sumerian queen. Museums are filled with these ultimate expressions of love throughout history. Gold wedding bands and royal breastplates have been treasured by many cultures.



The quest for gold has moved mountains, drained and rerouted lakes and rivers. Gold has moved armies, national borders and forced strangers to be married. Gold fever conquered the west and literally changed our planet.

This rare shiny metal traces its origin to supernovas. Gold is engrained into our very culture and monetary system. Gold is found in mankind’s most sophisticated technology as well as on the runways of Paris.

The adornment in gold is eternal and Jewels and Diamonds™ has many exquisite jewelry items. Fine gold jewelry defines workmanship into art. Craftsmanship is a measure in pride and cannot be determined by price. Fine jewelry is never cheap and cheap jewelry is never fine.

Mankind has mastered the technology and now some gold chains have the same thickness as aluminum foil. Some of these hollow gold jewelry manufacturers fill or weight their foil chains and bracelets with paraffin wax. Dr. Gem® defines this process as deceptive and hopes that the Federal Trade Commission will one day prohibit this process. Not all gold jewelry is created equal, some is finer than others and the workmanship is much better. Shop at Jewels and Diamonds™ where we are committed to customer satisfaction.




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