We have meteorites starting at $25!! Call Dr. Gem® for details.

Each meteorite fragment comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, suitable for framing, a sample of which can be found here.

Each Meteorite fragment has been cut with a diamond saw, polished and acid etched to reveal the “WIDMANSTATTEN PATTERN”. Jewels and Diamonds™ has thousands of meteorites of various sizes from locations around the world.

Meteorites are older than the planet Earth and traveled at 7 miles per second (40 times faster than the speed of sound) and survived the crash landing.

Specimens above $500 must be paid by certified check.
Call us at (352) 621-4653 or Email with your questions or for information on larger meteorites.
Shipping & Handling Domestic add US $15, delivery in 2 weeks. International Sales will be Money Order only, add $25 for insurance, delivery in 4 weeks. Delivery could be earlier depending on stock supplies

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