Mineral Species
Iron 84.6%
Nickel 6-7%

Color Hue
Steel gray, iron black, brownish-black, reddish brown, black, grayish-black, silver, metallic silver, opaque.

Medium Octahedrite III CD

1958 (confirmed)

Approx. Recovered Weight
9500 KG

Recorded Fall
1516 Zhengde – Chinese Emperor, Ming Dynasty

Mineralogical Data
Hardness: 5
S.G.: 7.8 – 8.22
Strongly Magnetic


Traditionally painted/spray with sealer (polyurethane) to protect from atmospheric moisture. Acid etched with mixture of nitric acid and ethanol.


Meteorites are traditionally named for the place these extra-terrestrial crash-landed. The earth is bombarded by thousands of tiny meteoroids every day. These miniature meteoroids ranging in size from a grain of sand to pea size, usually not surviving the minimum 7 mile per second flight through the earth’s atmosphere. These tiny meteoroids produce only a spark of light so faint that human eyes miss the event altogether. Larger fragments produce shooting stars across the night skies. Still larger extra-terrestrial fragments produce spectacular fireballs.


Throughout history, many ancient people believed meteoroid showers were warnings from the Gods and foretold of future disasters to come. Many rulers interpreted these natural events to justify their outrageous conduct in some form. History reveals that not a single person lost their life as a direct result of being hit by a meteorite.

Unfortunately, many ancient people were, in fact, sacrificed, and war(s) were initiated to appease some alleged Draconian interpretation to these natural extra-terrestrial events. History is fully of many inherently fascinating stories evoked by meteoroid showers and falls.


Many iron-nickel meteorites are heated to remove moisture and soaked in ethanol. Some are heated and usually sprayed with polyurethane to protect the meteorite from moisture, rusting, or flaking. Other meteorites are cut by a diamond saw, polished, and subsequently, acid etched with a mixture of nitric acid and ethanol. After the etching is accomplished, the meteorite is again sprayed with polyurethane sealer. This process reveals a unique “Widmanstatten Pattern” known only to iron-nickel meteorites.

Some meteorites are tumble-polished to produce a shiny metallic luster. All iron or iron-nickel meteorites need to be sealed.


Recorded Chinese history states that in the 11th year of the Ming Dynasty (Emperor Zhengde) during the month of May 1516. . . “Stars fell down from a northwest direction, five or six fold long, waving like snakes and dragons, bright like lightning, then disappeared in seconds”. The Nantan County’s archives ends there with no additional information.

In 1958, the “New China” requested it’s citizenry to relinquish unwanted steel and sent everyone out scouring the countryside looking for new iron ore deposits. Several of the Nantan County farmers devised small smelting operations after finding heavy iron rocks. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, the iron rocks wouldn’t melt. Baffled by the mystery, locals contacted the Chinese government for help. Geologists were sent to Nantan to investigate. After scientific examination, it was determined that the heavy iron rocks were in fact meteorites.

We now know that the Nantan meteorite shower covered approximately 30 square miles and was infact a minimum of Nineteen (19) showers. Although 9500 kilograms (20,947.50 lbs.) of iron-nickel meteorites crash-landed in Nantan, recorded history doesn’t reveal a single death. These fiery extra-terrestrial meteorites were hurling through the Chinese skies forty times faster than the speed of sound (7 miles per second) and must have produced huge sonic booms. One can only imagine the rampant fear experienced by a fifteen-century farmer when the sky exploded with fireballs crashing to earth.


Meteorites are truly a unique heavenly treasure. Older than our planet earth, each Nantan meteorite fragment is properly polished, sealed, documented, and 100% guaranteed. People of all ages truly enjoy owning a “shooting star” with Jewels & Diamonds™ “Certificate of Authenticity”.

In time, many gifts lose their luster, break, or become obsolete. Meteorites don’t lose their luster, don’t break, and will never become obsolete. They remain unique throughout a lifetime and will always stir-up the dreams within each of us.


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