Nantan Iron Meteorite was officially discovered in Guangxi, China during the year 1958. Scientists now believe this meteorite shower was, in fact, recorded in the Ming Dynasty documents (approximately 480 years ago). The official discovery occurred during the Chines Industrial Age, when the government sent everyone looking for iron ore. Local farmers in Nantan, China found many iron ore rocks. However, the iron ore wouldn’t melt, despite their best efforts. The government, puzzled by the mystery, called in Geologist who determined that the iron ore rock was, in fact, meteorites. Scientists believed at least 19 individual meteorite showers yielded 9500kg distributed over 30 square km.  The meteorite is classified as type (IIICD), Medium octahedrite, bandwidth 1.0mm. The meteorite information is listed in Catalogue of Meteorites, fifth edition (2000), page 357. Jewels & Diamonds™ has a 110lb. Specimen on display and many others weighing about ten (10 pounds).

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