Jewels and Diamonds™ does carry a few natural pearls. However, they are not for sale or shown on our site. Most pearls shown on the web site are, in fact, cultured pearls of some type. Jewels & Diamonds™ does carry a selection of assorted high quality imitation pearl jewelry and they can also be found on our website.

Jewels and Diamonds™ stocks a large supply of assorted cultured pearls including, Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian Black, Mabe, Freshwater, and Baroques. Many are featured on our web site and have inspired numerous designer treasures.

When considering purchasing a “fine” cultured pearl jewelry item, it’s also best to buy from a professional who can explain quality factors related to price factors. Dr. Gem® will help you make the best-educated purchase of dazzling cultured pearl jewelry items.



The pearl market offers the consumer the best opportunities for deals. Pricing for cultured pearls has plummeted, while quality continues to rise. The short story is the Chinese entered into the cultured pearl market about three decades ago, perfected their craft and wholesale pricing dropped like a rock. Television mass marketing vanquished most of the wholesalers. Many distributors now market directly to the consumer themselves through television and the internet.

Jewels and Diamonds™ has a good selection of cultured pearl jewelry.

Pearls or Alexandrite gemstones are the birthstones for the month of June.


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