Hold onto your money; open your eyes, ears, and journey down the path of Dr. Gem’s® paradoxical wisdom. Your appraisal is the only document that protects you in the event of a loss. Most jewelry stores offer appraisal services and, sad to say, most proffer an appraisal that is more often illusion rather than a genuine appraisal. Tens of thousands of appraisals are performed each day by alleged qualified appraisers, yet only a handful of the appraisers are actually qualified to write up anything other than a sales receipt.

If you doubt what Dr. Gem® professes, let’s examine several facts. Less than 1.5% of jewelry stores have a Graduate Gemologist on staff. Gemological Institute of America requires not only a passing grade on all their courses, but requires absolute perfection on their gemstone identification course. In order to earn a Graduate Gemologist degree, each and every student must score 100% on the exam. Only the best make the grade. Most appraisers are NOT Graduate Gemologists. Aside from actually being a Graduate Gemologist, an appraiser needs a comprehensive understanding of appraisal science, insurance, ethical standards, and professional expertise in all facets of the jewelry industry. An appraiser must be meticulous in every detail and make a visual picture using descriptive terminology. A good appraisal is part science and part art form joined by the printed word. If you’re not an expert jewelry appraiser, you had better know that your appraiser is in fact an expert. Every mistake or omission can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Your author, Joseph H. Dawson, G.G. (G.I.A.); J.A. Certified Senior Bench Jeweler, and also known nationally as “Dr. Gem”®, helped expose the fracture-filled diamond scam on ABC News network  more than a decade ago. He is an author; lecturer; Who’s Who celebrity; local spokesman for the Jewelry Information Center, and the owner of Jewels & Diamonds™ fine jewelry store at 8275 West Bradshaw Street, Homosassa, FL. 352-621-GOLD (4653).

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