Sapphire Gemstone Enhancement Note

sapphire3Most sapphires are subjected to heat treatments to intensify or lighten color. occasionally, heat is used to improve color uniformity and appearance.

The stability of this treatment is excellent and permanent.

Some sapphires are subject to diffusion or irradiation enhancement.  However, Jewels & Diamonds™ does not stock sapphires subject to this form of enhancement.

Jewels & Diamonds™ has a nice section of fancy colored sapphires in the finer grades. Dr. Gem® also has some fabulous “Burmese sapphires” and some fine “Sri Lank sapphires”. Generally, prices range from a few hundred dollars to about $10,000.00 in the finest grades.

Jewels & Diamonds™ does stock some lab created (synthetic) sapphires.  However, none are featured on our web site.

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