Tanzanite is a blue variety of the mineral zoisite (epidote group). The vivid blue to violet gemstone is a testament to man’s wizardry in technology. In 1967, miners discovered yellow, green, brown, blue, and pink zoisite crystals in Tanzania, East Africa.

Scientists experimenting with some of the crystals discovered that the brown variety changes to blue or violet blue, when subject to heat. Tiffany & Company introduced it to the world bestowing the “tanzanite” name, and the rest is history.  Tanzanite is relatively rare and is found only in Tanzania. No one really knows the extent of the supply of rough, but most experts agree that the supply could be exhausted in the near future, unless another source is located.

The demand for tanzanite has grown exponentially throughout the world. Asian hunger for this precious gemstone threatens the world’s supply and a Chinese conglomerate now controls its distribution. The impact upon the tanzanite market will be profound. Once market supplies dry up (perhaps in three years) expect prices to triple in price per carat for premium grade gemstones. The Chinese will export inferior grade material to America. Enhanced tanzanite is on the horizon for consumers.

Dr. Gem’s® advice is to purchase the very finest tanzanite in color and clarity before prices escalate. The key here is purchasing the largest, finest tanzanite to reap the greatest price escalation.

Jewels and Diamonds™ has a limited supply of tanzanite in the premium grades and a modest inventory in the commercial grades.
Tanzanite is now the designated birthstone for the month of December.


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