Diamonds are the most popular gemstone in today’s world. Colorless and near colorless diamonds are the most desired gemstone. Colorless and near colorless diamonds are valued by the comparable rarity of the “Four C’s”.

  • Carat weight
  • Color (lack of color)
  • Clarity
  • Cut


Appearance and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but value is in the eye of an expert. Many factors influence value, including many not known by the general public. Brilliance, dispersion, symmetry, scintillation, and fluorescence can have significant influence on value.


Dr. Gem® is a Graduate Gemologist, accomplished author, lecturer, and has written a popular monthly periodical entitled, “Dr. Gem’s Prescriptions®. Dozens of articles were written on the subject of diamonds. Currently, Dr. Gem® is working on an illustrated edition and will be available to the general public for a nominal fee.


Many retailers sell inferior diamonds and exaggerate quality. Some retailers even cheat the public by claiming to sell diamonds below wholesale prices. Deceiving the public is big business and bargain hunters are their stock in trade. Through the years, Dr. Gem® has examined thousands of inferior diamonds sold at allegedly bargain prices. Unfortunately, 99.9% were, in fact, misrepresented, overvalued, and sold at FULL RETAIL PRICES.

Purchasing promotional or commercial diamonds is perfectly acceptable as long as they are not misrepresented in quality or value.


Quality jewelry and diamonds remains the best dollar value over the long-run. Today’s jewelry marketplace has changed greatly over the years. Many department stores, warehouse outlets, exchanges, internet stores and promotional jewelry chains have flooded the market with inferior diamond jewelry sold at exaggerated bargains. Not all diamonds are created equal and value factors are determined by a genuine expert not a Christmas jewelry sales person or a pawn shop.

Proportions, cut, and finish in diamonds can add or subtract thousands of dollars in value. Many outlet stores thrive by deceiving the public and the bargain hunting consumers can be scammed by the percentage discount game.


Very fine diamonds are like Ferrari sports cars, spectacular, very pricey, and are only for the affluent. Unlike Ferraris, many consumers can afford a vast selection of modestly priced diamonds. The credibility of an independent jeweler/Graduate Gemologist survives through everyday fair pricing.


Jewels and Diamonds™ stocks a number of the Ferrari grade diamonds for those so blessed, and about a thousand carats of various grade diamonds for the less affluent. Consumers can select from the finest grades of color and clarity to the inexpensive commercial grade diamonds. Our selection will exceed your expectations and we strive for customer satisfaction.

Most of Jewels and Diamonds™ inventory has been appraised by an accredited independent jewelry appraisal firm or gem trade laboratory.


Every loose diamond listed for sale was evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), laser inscribed with an identification number and sealed in a tamper proof packet for the protection of our customers.

Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April.


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